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Make this holiday season extra special by spreading joy through gift-giving. Become a Youth Villages Holiday Hero today and brighten up the lives of the youth we serve locally. With your cheerful donation, you can make a difference by helping fulfill their holiday wish lists. Help bring light to their world and give them a holiday they will never forget.

Participating Regions

Give the gift of joy today. Select your state or region below to participate in our joyous campaign. We invite and highly encourage donors outside of our participating states to gift a financial donation to a region of your choice.

Support Arkansas Holiday HeroesSupport East Tennessee Holiday HeroesSupport Georgia Holiday Heroes

Support Kentucky Holiday HeroesSupport Maine Tennessee Holiday HeroesSupport Massachusetts Holiday Heroes

Support Middle Tennessee Holiday HeroesSupport Mississippi Holiday HeroesSupport New Hampshire Holiday Heroes 

Support North CarolinaSupport Ohio Holiday HeroesSupport Oklahoma Holiday Heroes

Support Oregon Holiday HeroesSupport West Tennessee Holiday Heroes

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